Wojczech split release date Posted on 15th October 2017

After 7.5 million years in development, our split release with Germany's grindcore masters 'Wojczech' is finally... mercifully... ready for pre-order!

Pre-order through 7 Degrees Records

This record, just like our previous two splits with Foible Instinct (2016) and Sandokhan (2010) is being released by 7 Degrees Records, collaborating with Circus Of The Macabre Records, Rip Roaring Shitstorm and Sensitive Wormrile.

This split has been in the works since 2008, though lineup changes and hiatuses meant that it kept getting knocked further and further back, to the point that we’re frankly considering it a miracle that it’s getting released at all.

Major, major thanks to everyone involved with this release, which will be available from 27th October 2017.

Pre-order at 7 Degrees Records.


And what's this, we're playing some shows?

Dam fuckin’ straight foo’!

We’re playing the Pilgrim’s Pit in Stoke-on-Trent with Famine, Groak, Metus Obscuritatis on October 27th 2017.

Then we’re in Nottingham at Stuck On A Name Studios with Abaddon Incarnate, Wounded Pig, Human Cull & more…

Hit either of the flyers below to go to each show’s respective Facebook page, hope to see you there!