Wojczech / Krupskaya split teaser Posted on 15th May 2017

Finally, after almost a decade spent wandering the cold aether of good intentions and hopeful ideas, our split release with Germany's finest grindcore masters 'Wojczech' is almost upon us, ready to inflict the unified ruination of ear drums, relationships and faith in humanity upon those foolish enough to indulge in its carnage.

Just a teaser for now

We’re still waiting on a confirmed release date, at which point we’ll knock together a longer teaser with a few more music samples and a final preview of the artwork.

For now, here’s something¬†with which to obliterate your colleagues’ day:

You were warned, in fairness.

We’ll have more from this soon!

In other news

We’ve got an absolute shit load going on.

We’ve essentially got eight songs completed for the new set with another five or so due for completion within the next month.

These will also be appearing on a couple of splits and possible compilations, although it’s very early days on much of those at the moment.

Plans are likewise coming together for a couple of tours next year.

Again,¬†we’ll be back with further details once they’re progressed a little further than the “Ooooh this would be cool!” stage.

For now, do check out the Wojczech split teaser and we’ll be back with more details on that as soon as they become available.