Photos, video, upcoming tour, updates Posted on 15th March 2016

We recently played the Big Scummy Day out in Manchester, which was a frightfully enjoyable day for all participants. As such we now have some wonderful pictures to share with our adoring fans... yes, both of you

Big Scummy Day Out

So we recently played the Big Scummy Day out in Manchester, our first gig of 2016 alongside some awesome punk bands, from which photos can be found on the official Facebook page.

A few photos and video have also found their way online, thanks to Jim Bishop for this:

And thanks to Stevil Minta for these:

2015 Ukraine Tour

It’s been almost an entire year since we graced the wonderful land of Russia and Ukraine, and photos from the tour are still finding their way online.

Thanks to… well, whoever took this:

Upcoming records and tour

We are in the midst of recording a bunch of new songs, which are sounding truly horrific.

We also have the dates and venues confirmed for our upcoming UK tour with Wojczech:

More updates on the way soon!