New web site and Russia/Ukraine Tour Posted on 29th March 2015

Welcome to the new Krupskaya web site, which (should) also works nicely across mobile devices. We're still populating the site with various content, videos and images we can find online, which we're also looking for help with.

On the way to Russia and Ukraine

We’ve been pretty crap at keeping a decent log of photos and videos from our various travels, and so the site is currently somewhat bare in this regard. If you’ve been to one of our gigs and captured some photo/video, please get in touch and we’ll feature it on the site asap!

In other news, our tour across Russia and Ukraine begins this thursday when we fly out to Moscow:

You can get a full list of venues and cities on our tour page, and we’ll likewise be updating the Krupskaya Facebook Page as the tour progresses.

So please take a browse across the site, most of the discography page is populated with content and we’re gradually getting photos and videos added.

See you in Russia!!