New records, art and gigs Posted on 14th February 2016

There's a smegload of stuff going on behind the scenes at the moment that we'll hopefully report on in the next few weeks when they're a little more set in stone, and we've got plenty of other stuff going on in the meantime.

Split release with Foible Instinct

Our first record since 2010 is in the latter stages of production, a split release with Ukraine grindheads Foible Instinct with whom we played a sick show in Kiev back in April 2015.

Both bands have finished their recordings, I’m working on artwork over the next couple of weeks and if all goes to plan, the fantastic 7 Degrees Records will be handling the release of the record.

We’ll have updates here and on Facebook as and when they occur.

Split with Wojczech and UK Tour

Our German brethren return to the UK for another small tour around the country with us. We toured with Wojczech across England and Scotland back in 2008 so it’ll be fun to recreate the experience after 8 years of waist increasing.

The dates and locations for the tour are as follows (click the links for each gig’s respective Facebook page):

We have also recently completed drums for our upcoming and long overdue split with the band, due for release this year.

We’ll have more on this as it develops, but he’s a preview of the artwork in the meantime:

Big Scummy Day Out

We’re also playing an all-dayer in Manchester on March 5th. Do come down if you like brutal music and gig flyers featuring sharks:

Other shit

The recent recordings have marked somewhat of a ‘finalisation’ stage, effectively wrapping up all outstanding songs and ideas we’d been working with between my (Ed) departure in 2009 and the hiatus of the band that started in 2010.

Where the songs that remain after completion of the Wojczech split will finally end up, nothing is 100% set in stone but there’s the possibility of further splits and compilation appearances.

From there, all eyes are on what comes next and treating things with a truly fresh set of eyes and ears for the first time in a good while. Since we started playing and touring together again it’s almost as if we’ve had one foot in the past and one in the future. Playing old songs but to a much higher standard after a few years maturity, writing new music but based on pre-existing ideas and frameworks, the next couple of months will very much put us on an entirely clean slate creatively, from which to really push the next stage of… well, whatever the fuck we are.

Exciting times, cheers for everyone’s support and interest in the band as always!