New music, Wojczech split and future tour plans Posted on 21st April 2017

When the bloody hell did April happen!? Well, as it seems 2017 has every intention of passing us by with a swiftness comparable to that of the average Nile blast beat, we figure an update is due before we're left in its dust.

New Music

We’re in the process of crafting a new set, which currently looks set to comprise mostly new material, a couple of older demos that are being re-purposed with the new guitar sound and once those are sorted, one or two Krupskaya classics. For the record, we consider a ‘classic’ track to be anything with a distinguishable chorus.

For those who simply cannot wait another moment before enjoying one of these new tunes, here’s a taster of what we’ve been working on:

Split with Wojczech

Our long awaited split with Wojczech (which was first discussed way, way back in 2008) is close to being pressed, with labels all confirmed, artwork and music approved.

Once we’ve got confirmation, we’ll be back with previews of the artwork and posssssssssibly a teaser video, time pending.

Failing that, we’ll upload a couple of tracks and you can piss off your neighbours with those instead.

Or even your children, for that matter.

Future Tour Plans

In amongst the above we’ve also been working on a couple of other releases and tour plans for the upcoming 18 months.

Right now, our focus is 100% on getting new material sorted.

That said, plans are in place for a trip to Europe towards the beginning of next year and things are also looking very positive for a trip across the USA that summer.

These are both in the early stages and we’re likely going to book a shit load of UK dates before either, given that our collective age is somewhere in the region of 12,519 years old and we need to slowly reacquaint ourselves with playing live.

Exciting times, either way.