General update… oh, and we have a show booked Posted on 31st July 2017

2017 effectively ended up being a hard reset for Krupskaya, with the change in personnel facilitating the need for an entirely new set's worth of music, re-recording some of our in-progress releases and getting the groundwork done on a future album. Suffice it to say, we've been busy.

Silver linings

The upside of all this is that the new stuff is sounding really, really good.

In fairness, playing in Krupskaya is an unmitigated ballache for those of us who’ve been purveying our particular brand of migraine-inducing noise, for the ten plus years the band’s existed. For newcomers, our approach to songwriting combined with the general lack of a pleasant, tolerable personality within the group itself can make assimilation a generally difficult, utterly thankless process.

Fortunately for we less talented members, that Riley’s been able to tolerate our shit AND have a distinct, discernibly brutal impact on the sound has been an event bordering on the miraculous.

Okay, so that might be slightly hypberbolic, but fuck it – we’re sounding nuts.

We have a show booked

In further good news (depending on your perspective), we have a show booked!

We’re playing Pilgrim’s PitStoke-on-Trent on Thursday October 26th.

Yes, it’s awfully depressing to think we’re that close to the end of the year already, just as it’s depressing to think that if you’re reading this – you’re likely the type of person to attend such an event… shame on you… but please, do come!

Also playing are Leed’s finest, Famine, with a local act or two likely to be added at some point.

You can get more updates on the Event’s Facebook Page.

Other news

– We’re nearing the latter stages of production on our split with Norn.

– Fingers crossed we’ll have a release date for the split with Wojczech within the next couple of weeks.

– Initial work has begun for a 2018 split with Iowa’s Closet Witch.

– Plans are afoot for a potential return to Europe in early 2018.