European Tour – February 2018 Posted on 9th January 2018

A belated new year to the legion that is the Krupskaya faithful... that's right, all three of you. We've a myriad of updates to share but for now, we've news on one thing in particular...

Dawn Of Shattered Silence 2018

Yep, our first tour since Ukraine 2015 and first ever with Riley on guitar will commence this coming February, the dates being as follows:

– Friday 16th – UFO Pavilion, Northampton

– Sat 17th – Munster (TBC) Germany TBC (W/Keitzer?)

– Sun 18th – K19, Berlin, Germany ( w/Cyness)

– Mon 19th – Azyl Bar, Liberec, Czech

– Tues 20th – Acafé ?adca, Cadca, Slovakia (W/Dopelord)

– Weds 21st – Bajkazyl, Brno, Czech(w/Sheeva Yoga)

– Thurs 22nd – Venue TBC, Prague

– Fri 23rd – Gerber 3, Weimar, Germany

– Sat 24th – Muziekfabriek, Heerrenveen (w/My Minds Mine)

Tour poster below:

We have a dedicated tour page on Facebook for those wishing to get latest updates.

If you can’t wait until then to get your live Krupskaya fix, we’re playing Pilgrim’s Pit in Stoke-On-Trent on January 15th, with Unyielding Love and Dawn Ray’d:

Other news

We’ve got 24 songs currently in the works which are either completed or in their very early stages. These (plus a few more, probably) will then be spread between our upcoming splits with NornCloset Witch and our next album.

Reviews have been coming in thick and fast for our split release with Wojczech.

Further details about the above and plenty more will be shared in the upcoming weeks.