Cheers 2015! Posted on 28th August 2015

It's not quite Christmas/New year yet, but with eyes on writing and recording our first full album in almost ten years, 2015 is pretty much done for Krupskaya as far as tours and gigging goes

Thanks to all involved

It’s been a fairly awesome year for the band after such a long hiatus, with gigs in Russia, Ukraine and Iceland well and response/hospitality we’ve received in such places reminding us why we enjoy playing such awful music in the first place.

As such, we’re less troubled when it comes to finding content actually worth sharing on this here site of ours, so while we’re relatively quiet working on the new album, I’m going to be adapting the site to bring in some of the new interviews and reviews that have been popping up across the internet.

If you’ve been to any of our gigs and got pictures, videos etc, please don’t hesitate to send them over.

We’ll have another update or two before the end of the year with some of these reviews and our complete Russian tour diary. In the meantime, thanks to everyone whose supported us, come to our gigs and indulged in the conversing of inane conversation – much appreciated!