Back from our Russia/Ukraine tour Posted on 18th April 2015

We recently returned from our 10 day tour of Russia and Ukraine, an amazing experience made even better by the new friends we made a long the way.

Thanks to everyone involved with the tour

This was the first international tour Krupskaya has done in five years, and took us to Moscow, St Petersburg, Voronezh, Bryansk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia, Odessa and Kyiv.

It was a tremendous success, the whole band considers these shows among the best we’ve ever played, the response and friendship from people was fantastic and we’re very, very keen to get back as soon as possible.

Having said that, the experience wasn’t without a few hiccups. The brutality of Ukrainian roads resulted in us missing one of our shows (sorry to everyone in Odessa who made the effort to come and see us!), and being hauled out of the van at gunpoint by screaming Ukraining military policeman wasn’t at the top of our ‘tourist todo list’. But all things considered, the good times massively, massively outweigh these small issues!

Everyone in the band is busy playing catch up with work, transitioning back into the dull monotony of life, but we’re also in the process of putting a couple of short films together from the tour, to share some of our experiences and say thanks to everyone who helped us out.

The first of these clips is already online, and is from our live show in a garage in Bryansk (thanks to Vadmin Efimov for supplying the gig footage).