New website and band updates Posted on 1st March 2017

The end of 2016 was a fairly busy one, culminating in a brief tour of Ukraine and the departure of our original guitarist, Tim. Since then, there's been plenty of progression including a new website and series of videos to share.

Lineup changes

Krupskaya’s original guitarist Tim departed the band at the end of 2016.

We part on mutual terms, thank Tim for the last 12 years of effort and wish him all the best with future projects.

He is replaced by Liam Riley, who we’ve known since the early days of the band when he was playing for Stoke grindheads Nervaxis.

We’ve started demoing new material, to which Liam and his 8-string are bringing some fucking face melting power and intensity.

A very, very rough mix of one these new tracks has been put together to give folks an indication of where this new sound will be developing in the coming months:

Upcoming Records

Split with Wojczech

All work has been completed on our upcoming split with German grindcore merchants Wojczech, whom we’ve toured with in the UK a couple of times now.

The tracks have been mixed, mastered, all the core artwork has been completed so we just need to finalise a few production details and the record will be good to go.

I’m currently working on a teaser video for the record which will be available once we had a release date confirmed.

For now, here’s a quick preview of the artwork:


Wojczech / Krupskaya artwork


Split with Norn

Norn Logo

Our second split release due for this year is with Icelandic Black Metal band Norn, who are, as you’d expect – fucking awesome.

We played with Norn as part of the Nordanpaunk festival in Iceland, 2015, keeping in touch ever since.

Both bands have been keen to make this split happen, Krupskaya’s music is all complete while Norn are in the latter stages of putting their’s together and the bulk of the artwork has likewise been completed.

We’ll have a teaser and artwork samples for this record up later in the year.

Krupskaya / Foible Instinct split review

Our split release with Foible Instinct got a great review just a couple of weeks back, from the guys over at No Echo:

“”In Silent Water There is No Light” opens with some slower-paced crawling, discordant riffs and samples regarding the threat of a thermal explosion for about half the track; before finally exploding into the almost ridiculously over-the-top anarchy and assorted vocal cackling for which the group is perhaps most known.”

Thanks again to No Echo, be sure to read the full review

Ukraine 2016 Tour Videos

We finished off 2016 with an awesome little tour across Ukraine, Moldova and Romania with WarningFog (ex-Foible Instinct), and a couple of videos have been put together:

2017 Plans

Right now our attention is 100% on developing the sound with Liam in the band, working towards having a full set’s worth of material ready for late Summer.

If all goes to plan, we’ll have some international tour dates announced before the end of the year.

In the meantime, stay tuned for updates on our upcoming records.