Krupskaya v Foible Instinct

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Krupskaya v Foible Instinct

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  • The drummer's gotta be a fuckin' maniac! (I'll also mention that I've heard some of Krupskaya's new, yet-to-be-released tracks, and they're even better!)

    I suppose it can sound almost comical at times, but simply playing this damn fast is a feat in itself—actually writing songs and performing this madness together as a unit is pretty wild

    Full Review (No Echo)
  • Krupskaya is a complete opposite to Ukrainians. Their hellish sound can make your ears bleed, hahah! Such musical perversion is very popular in Albion; this small island contains a solid concentration such as in crazy bands.

    One of the strongest sides for this split it’s a design that has a very high quality and beauty, this vinyl makes a real pleasure to hold it in hands.

    Full Review (Good Guys Go Grind)
  • In my opinion this is another great sounding recording from Krupskaya and if you are a fan of noise/grind, you should check out their side of the split.

    The production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover Templars, Religion, and violent themes.

    Full Review (Hatred Means War)

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