Sandokhan vs Krupskaya

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Sandokhan vs Krupskaya

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  • The entire 12" results in 24 songs in just 20 minutes, so I damn sure need to hear more ASAP!

    I sincerely hope these bands (and 7 Degrees Records) start getting more of the attention they deserve soon, 'cause this material instantly fried my brain!

    Full Review (Aversion Online)
  • If this album had to have a winner as a result then I would give it to Krupskaya for their total Grindcore insanity. Krupskaya’s style gripped

    The lightspeed drumming is moved easily into lower gears, then breaking to a halt before unleashing another Grind-crushing brain killer. The vocal screams are icy and show so much anger, and frustration that it was hard to believe these were human.

    Full Review (Undergrind)
  • The cover reminds me those test pictures in psychologist office, where they show some blurred image ask thatwhat you see there. Silver painted logos look very neat and nice (I would even say that this is not typical for a grindcore release).

    The most important thing that there is an indispensable feature of those british namely chaotic and broken rhythms. But on this record guys play not only fast material, here you can dig some slow pieces sometimes they resemble bizarre and acid doom.

    Full Review (Good Guys Go Grind)

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