Krupskaya – UK Grindcore Band


  • Vocals


    Vocals (2005 to present)

  • Drums


    Drums (2005 to 2009, 2013 to present)

  • Matt


    Bass & vocals (2013 to present)

  • Guitar


    Guitars (2017 to present)

Previous members (with thanks): Tim - Guitar (2005 - 2016), John - Bass (2005 - 2008), Mark - Drums (2009 - 2010), Skulda - Bass (2009 - 2010), Stacey - Bass (2008 - 2009)

Band History

Krupskaya is a grindcore band formed in 2005.
Our music is characterised by speed, contrast and intensity.
We want to play your town.


  • Dawn of Shattered Silence is released
  • Complete a three week tour of Siberia in August
  • Material finalised for splits with Norn, Closet Witch and My Minds Mine
  • Complete a ten day European Tour in February


  • In January, Liam Riley (ex-Nervaxis) joins the band, work begins on new material.
  • Nine new songs and three reworks of previous material are written up to September 2017.
  • New material is written for our split with Norn.
  • Initial plans are made for a split release with Closet Witch in 2018.
  • Shows are booked for the end of the year in the UK.
  • Our split release with Wojczech is released October 27th via 7 Degrees Records.
  • European Tour is booked for February 2018.


  • At the start of the year, drums are completed for eight new tracks.
  • We join Wojczech once again for a short UK tour.
  • Writing and recording takes up most of the year for releases with Wojczech and Norn.
  • Previously recorded music is released on a split with Foible Instinct, again via 7 Degrees Records.
  • We play a week long tour across Ukraine, Romania and Macedonia with Warningfog.
  • Tim departs the band.
  • Writing begins on new material, while artwork and mastering are completed for the upcoming Wojczech split release.


  • Remaining instruments for the upcoming split are recorded.
  • In April we complete a 10-date tour across Russia and the Ukraine.
  • Plans are made to record new music for two additional splits in the coming years.
  • We play a pair of gigs in Iceland, including the Nordanpunk Festival.
  • We perform on Chimpyfest 2015.

2013 & 2014

  • Ed returns from South Africa, the band reformed with Matt (ex-After The Last Sky) on bass.
  • Most of 2013 is spent rehearsing older material to get a complete, giggable set ready.
  • Drums are recorded for a future release.
  • Two tracks featuring Mark on drums are released as part of the Freedom Punker Vol 2 4-way split.
  • In 2014 we play our first gigs since reforming, including a short UK Tour with Entrails Massacre.
  • Previously unreleased music appears on the Swollen Lungs compilation.

2010 to 2013

  • The split originally intended to be with Yattai is released with Sandokhan via 7 Degrees Records.
  • Due to various circumstances, the band begins a hiatus.
  • Periodically, Ed returns from South Africa to write rough drum parts/song ideas incase the band is continued in future.


  • Stacey leaves the band and is not immediately replaced.
  • The split with Yattai is delayed.
  • We play a short UK tour across England, Ireland and Scotland with Human Error.
  • Our split with Kill A Celebrity is released.
  • A discography of all our music to date is released on tape, entitled ‘Viral Dissipation‘.
  • Skulda (Shiva Yoga) replaces Stacey on Bass.
  • We complete a six week tour across South East Asia, playing in Indonesia, The Phillipines, Thailand and Malaysia.


  • At the start of the year, John departs the band and is replaced by Stacey.
  • Plans begin for a longer European tour at the end of the year.
  • A split tape with The Communion is released, featuring a live Krupskaya show.
  • We plays shows in England and Scotland with Wojczech as part of a week long ‘Grind Over The UK’ tour.
  • A thrash-metal cover split is released with Black Sister.
  • Music is written and recorded for upcoming splits with Yattai and Kill A Celebrity.
  • Ed announces he’ll be leaving the band at the end of the year to pursue shark research in South Africa.
  • We appear on the One Way Ticket To Hell (Vol 3) compilation.
  • A five week tour of Europe is completed at the end of the year, playing shows in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania and Macedonia.
  • Ed is replaced with Mark (ex-Nervaxis), on drums.


  • Gigging continues across the UK with plans made for a European Tour later in the year.
  • Our Clouds Over Pripyat follow up record is release, Symbiosis Through Decay.
  • In October we play a two week-tour across Europe, playing in Switzerland, Holland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belgium and Germany.
  • A new song appears on the Sassbologna Fast Comp.
  • A split record with Trendy Bastard is released towards the end of the year.


  • We play our first live shows in February and complete the first demo CD. Preliminary work on our first album begins soon after.
  • In April we join Antigama, Keitzer and Nashgul on the Grindcore Syndacite tour, our first international shows in Germany.
  • Extensive gigging continues throughout the year.
  • Our first album Clouds Over Pripyat is released.
  • Work begins on a follow up record.


  • Staffordshire-based bands FuckHatePropaganda, Kzzch and Skincheese each separate between July and November.
  • Members from each of the bands still interested in writing music, form new project with a view to gigging and touring as quickly and extensively as possible. The lineup is Alex (Vocals), Tim (Guitar), John (Bass) and Ed (Drums.
  • In December, Alex shares recent readings of Russian history and in particular the work of politician Nadezhda Konstantinovna “Nadya” Krupskaya. Instrumental in founding the Bolshevik revolution, Krupskaya eventually became a victim of the system she helped create, which conceptually worked with the tone and larger ideas of the band. Krupskaya became the name.
  • The year ends with the writing of a rough 4-track demo.